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[Udemy] Code by Making Games Complete - [CrackzSoft].torrent:
12 Final Section/297 About Dynamic Music.mp4625.09 MiB
01 Introduction And Setup/002 Welcome To The Course.mp425.87 MiB
01 Introduction And Setup/003 Introducing The Unity Ecosystem.mp419.14 MiB
01 Introduction And Setup/004 How To Ask Good Questions.mp452.61 MiB
01 Introduction And Setup/005 Installing Unity.mp413 MiB
01 Introduction And Setup/006 Mac And PC Differences.mp413.49 MiB
01 Introduction And Setup/007 Unity Your IDE and Your Files.mp416.77 MiB
01 Introduction And Setup/008 Introducing the Unity Editor.mp418.7 MiB
01 Introduction And Setup/009 Monodevelop 101.mp410.87 MiB
01 Introduction And Setup/010 Saving And Closing Your Project.mp417.35 MiB
01 Introduction And Setup/011 Frequently Asked Questions.pdf797.67 KiB
01 Introduction And Setup/012 Useful Resources.pdf192.99 KiB
01 Introduction And Setup/attached_files/001 Promo Video & Games List/url.txt36 B
01 Introduction And Setup/attached_files/002 Welcome To The Course/02b-Section-01-Notes.pdf1.56 MiB
01 Introduction And Setup/attached_files/005 Installing Unity/url.txt48 B
01 Introduction And Setup/attached_files/009 Monodevelop 101/url.txt22 B
01 Introduction And Setup/captions/002 Welcome To The Course-EN.srt4.56 KiB
01 Introduction And Setup/captions/003 Introducing The Unity Ecosystem-EN.srt4.89 KiB
01 Introduction And Setup/captions/004 How To Ask Good Questions-EN.srt20.39 KiB
01 Introduction And Setup/captions/005 Installing Unity-EN.srt6.91 KiB
01 Introduction And Setup/captions/006 Mac And PC Differences-EN.srt4.27 KiB
01 Introduction And Setup/captions/007 Unity Your IDE and Your Files-EN.srt5.99 KiB
01 Introduction And Setup/captions/008 Introducing the Unity Editor-EN.srt11.28 KiB
01 Introduction And Setup/captions/009 Monodevelop 101-EN.srt2.5 KiB
01 Introduction And Setup/captions/010 Saving And Closing Your Project-EN.srt10.01 KiB
01 Introduction And Setup/quizzes/001 Section End QUIZ.html5.64 KiB
02 Number Wizard Basic Scripting/013 Introduction To Number Wizard.mp469.24 MiB
02 Number Wizard Basic Scripting/014 Section Notes.pdf136.56 KiB
02 Number Wizard Basic Scripting/015 Printing Text To The Console.mp443.4 MiB
02 Number Wizard Basic Scripting/016 Using Variables.mp418.63 MiB
02 Number Wizard Basic Scripting/017 Responding To Key Presses.mp461.59 MiB
02 Number Wizard Basic Scripting/018 Using IF to make choices.mp426.19 MiB
02 Number Wizard Basic Scripting/019 Scope And Context Of Variables.mp443.93 MiB
02 Number Wizard Basic Scripting/020 Simplifying by creating Functions.mp419.1 MiB
02 Number Wizard Basic Scripting/021 Completing Number Wizard.mp466.64 MiB
02 Number Wizard Basic Scripting/022 How To Debug Programs.mp438.37 MiB
02 Number Wizard Basic Scripting/023 Section Wrap Up.mp443.92 MiB
02 Number Wizard Basic Scripting/attached_files/022 How To Debug Programs/url.txt205 B
02 Number Wizard Basic Scripting/attached_files/023 Section Wrap Up/Number-Wizard-Console-.zip19.73 KiB
02 Number Wizard Basic Scripting/captions/013 Introduction To Number Wizard-EN.srt3.39 KiB
02 Number Wizard Basic Scripting/captions/015 Printing Text To The Console-EN.srt14.88 KiB
02 Number Wizard Basic Scripting/captions/016 Using Variables-EN.srt8.23 KiB
02 Number Wizard Basic Scripting/captions/017 Responding To Key Presses-EN.srt15.09 KiB
02 Number Wizard Basic Scripting/captions/018 Using IF to make choices-EN.srt7.86 KiB
02 Number Wizard Basic Scripting/captions/019 Scope And Context Of Variables-EN.srt13.25 KiB
02 Number Wizard Basic Scripting/captions/020 Simplifying by creating Functions-EN.srt7.93 KiB
02 Number Wizard Basic Scripting/captions/021 Completing Number Wizard-EN.srt10.6 KiB
02 Number Wizard Basic Scripting/captions/022 How To Debug Programs-EN.srt16.38 KiB
02 Number Wizard Basic Scripting/captions/023 Section Wrap Up-EN.srt4.64 KiB
02 Number Wizard Basic Scripting/quizzes/002 Mid Section QUIZ.html10.19 KiB
02 Number Wizard Basic Scripting/quizzes/003 Section End QUIZ.html8.48 KiB
03 Text101 - Text Adventure/024 Introduction To Text101.mp446.63 MiB
03 Text101 - Text Adventure/025 Game Design Document.pdf263.21 KiB
03 Text101 - Text Adventure/026 Your Text 101 Assets.pdf261.7 KiB
03 Text101 - Text Adventure/027 Section Notes.pdf3.71 MiB
03 Text101 - Text Adventure/028 Creating New Projects.mp421.65 MiB
03 Text101 - Text Adventure/029 Adding 2D User Interface Text.mp448.55 MiB
03 Text101 - Text Adventure/030 Word Wrapping Joining Strings.mp433.94 MiB
03 Text101 - Text Adventure/031 Building Your Game Engine.mp467.91 MiB
03 Text101 - Text Adventure/032 Our TextController.cs Script.pdf49.09 KiB
03 Text101 - Text Adventure/033 Re-Organising Your Code.mp450.82 MiB
03 Text101 - Text Adventure/034 Extending Our Prison Story.mp491.31 MiB
03 Text101 - Text Adventure/035 Our Extended Story Script.pdf58.41 KiB
03 Text101 - Text Adventure/036 Build For Web Share.mp426.71 MiB
03 Text101 - Text Adventure/037 Unity 5 Web GL Build Optional.mp419.95 MiB
03 Text101 - Text Adventure/038 DOWNLOAD Unity Project.html906 B
03 Text101 - Text Adventure/039 Section Wrap Up.mp419.14 MiB
03 Text101 - Text Adventure/attached_files/025 Game Design Document/url.txt84 B
03 Text101 - Text Adventure/attached_files/026 Your Text 101 Assets/Prison-Word-Png.zip28.58 KiB
03 Text101 - Text Adventure/attached_files/027 Section Notes/Text-101-Slides-White-Background.pdf2.24 MiB
03 Text101 - Text Adventure/attached_files/034 Extending Our Prison Story/url.txt84 B
03 Text101 - Text Adventure/attached_files/036 Build For Web & Share/url.txt63 B
03 Text101 - Text Adventure/attached_files/038 DOWNLOAD Unity Project/Text-101.zip353.51 KiB
03 Text101 - Text Adventure/attached_files/039 Section Wrap Up/url.txt38 B
03 Text101 - Text Adventure/captions/024 Introduction To Text101-EN.srt4.64 KiB
03 Text101 - Text Adventure/captions/028 Creating New Projects-EN.srt9.82 KiB
03 Text101 - Text Adventure/captions/029 Adding 2D User Interface Text-EN.srt20 KiB
03 Text101 - Text Adventure/captions/030 Word Wrapping Joining Strings-EN.srt12.85 KiB
03 Text101 - Text Adventure/captions/031 Building Your Game Engine-EN.srt28.6 KiB
03 Text101 - Text Adventure/captions/033 Re-Organising Your Code-EN.srt19.28 KiB
03 Text101 - Text Adventure/captions/034 Extending Our Prison Story-EN.srt19.65 KiB
03 Text101 - Text Adventure/captions/039 Section Wrap Up-EN.srt1.81 KiB
03 Text101 - Text Adventure/quizzes/004 Section End QUIZ.html6.58 KiB
04 Number Wizard UI/040 Introduction To User Interface.mp437.98 MiB
04 Number Wizard UI/041 Game Design Document.pdf370.45 KiB
04 Number Wizard UI/042 Section Notes.pdf4.3 MiB
04 Number Wizard UI/043 About Objects And Classes.mp444.47 MiB
04 Number Wizard UI/044 Creating and Saving Levels.mp410.47 MiB
04 Number Wizard UI/045 How To Add Text To The Scene.mp434.5 MiB
04 Number Wizard UI/046 Adding a Start Button.mp417.31 MiB
04 Number Wizard UI/047 Calling Scripts from Buttons.mp423.85 MiB
04 Number Wizard UI/048 How To Load Scenes and Quit.mp437.98 MiB
04 Number Wizard UI/049 Using A Game Design Document.mp432.34 MiB
04 Number Wizard UI/050 Importing Previous Number Wizard Script.mp451.29 MiB
04 Number Wizard UI/051 Old Number Wizard Code.pdf44.55 KiB
04 Number Wizard UI/052 Finishing Number Wizard UI.mp420.12 MiB
04 Number Wizard UI/053 Unity 5 Web GL Sharing Optional.mp427.36 MiB
04 Number Wizard UI/054 DOWNLOAD Unity Project.html906 B
04 Number Wizard UI/055 Section Wrap Up.mp464.52 MiB
04 Number Wizard UI/attached_files/042 Section Notes/Number-Wizard-UI-White-Background.pdf2.66 MiB
04 Number Wizard UI/attached_files/043 About Objects And Classes/url.txt98 B
04 Number Wizard UI/attached_files/054 DOWNLOAD Unity Project/Final-Number-Wizard.zip33.18 KiB
04 Number Wizard UI/captions/040 Introduction To User Interface-EN.srt4.22 KiB
04 Number Wizard UI/captions/043 About Objects And Classes-EN.srt4.88 KiB
04 Number Wizard UI/captions/044 Creating and Saving Levels-EN.srt5.41 KiB
04 Number Wizard UI/captions/045 How To Add Text To The Scene-EN.srt24.03 KiB
04 Number Wizard UI/captions/046 Adding a Start Button-EN.srt10.19 KiB
04 Number Wizard UI/captions/047 Calling Scripts from Buttons-EN.srt15.81 KiB
04 Number Wizard UI/captions/048 How To Load Scenes and Quit-EN.srt23.1 KiB
04 Number Wizard UI/captions/049 Using A Game Design Document-EN.srt18.8 KiB
04 Number Wizard UI/captions/050 Importing Previous Number Wizard Script-EN.srt33.22 KiB
04 Number Wizard UI/captions/052 Finishing Number Wizard UI-EN.srt9.64 KiB
04 Number Wizard UI/captions/053 Unity 5 Web GL Sharing Optional-EN.srt9.3 KiB
04 Number Wizard UI/captions/055 Section Wrap Up-EN.srt6.17 KiB
04 Number Wizard UI/quizzes/005 Mid Section QUIZ.html5.94 KiB
04 Number Wizard UI/quizzes/006 Section End QUIZ.html6.42 KiB
05 Block Breaker/056 Introduction To Block Breaker.mp439.85 MiB
05 Block Breaker/057 Game Design Document.pdf766.29 KiB
05 Block Breaker/058 Your Block Breaker Assets.pdf2.89 MiB
05 Block Breaker/059 Section Notes.pdf1 MiB
05 Block Breaker/060 Gimp Image Editing 101.mp458.21 MiB
05 Block Breaker/061 Creating A 2D Brick Sprite.mp453.81 MiB
05 Block Breaker/062 Import The Menu System.mp431.39 MiB
05 Block Breaker/063 Playing Background Music.mp432.64 MiB
05 Block Breaker/064 About Statics Singletons.mp466.01 MiB
05 Block Breaker/065 Using Static Variables.mp423.16 MiB
05 Block Breaker/066 Execution Order Singletons.mp446.69 MiB
05 Block Breaker/067 Z-Depth in 2D games.mp413.7 MiB
05 Block Breaker/068 Setting Up Your Play Space.mp430.93 MiB
05 Block Breaker/069 Ball Gravity Colliders Fun.mp428.57 MiB
05 Block Breaker/070 Colliders Triggers Collisions.mp436.74 MiB
05 Block Breaker/071 Tidying Up Before Moving On.mp425.73 MiB
05 Block Breaker/072 Choosing Collider Type In Unity.mp429.58 MiB
05 Block Breaker/073 Using Physics Materials.mp427.52 MiB
05 Block Breaker/074 Movement By Mouse.mp444.38 MiB
05 Block Breaker/075 Launching Ball On Mouse Click.mp448.43 MiB
05 Block Breaker/076 Invisible Colliders Gravity Scale.mp433.33 MiB
05 Block Breaker/077 Creating Using Unity Prefabs.mp440.39 MiB
05 Block Breaker/078 Unity Editor Snap To Grid.mp419.83 MiB
05 Block Breaker/079 Making Everything A Prefab.mp430.54 MiB
05 Block Breaker/080 GameObject.FindObjectOfType.mp433.32 MiB
05 Block Breaker/081 Level Build Order.mp442.58 MiB
05 Block Breaker/082 Destroying When Hit.mp432.4 MiB
05 Block Breaker/083 Importing Sprite Sheets.mp467.07 MiB
05 Block Breaker/084 Swapping Sprites In Script.mp442.75 MiB
05 Block Breaker/085 Consolidating Hit Counting.mp446 MiB
05 Block Breaker/086 Statics To Detect Win Condition.mp446.06 MiB
05 Block Breaker/087 Playing Sound Effects On Impact.mp445.91 MiB
05 Block Breaker/088 Using Random.Range.mp429.57 MiB
05 Block Breaker/089 Automated Play Testing.mp458.12 MiB
05 Block Breaker/090 Build Share On The Web.mp431.45 MiB
05 Block Breaker/091 Fixing User Reported Bugs.mp422.91 MiB
05 Block Breaker/092 More Complex Collider Shapes.mp445.15 MiB
05 Block Breaker/093 Making Code Extendable.mp426.74 MiB
05 Block Breaker/094 Using Particle Systems.mp444.44 MiB
05 Block Breaker/095 Unity 5 Upgrade WebGL Build.mp424.87 MiB
05 Block Breaker/096 DOWNLOAD Unity Project.html906 B
05 Block Breaker/097 Section Wrap Up.mp430.41 MiB
05 Block Breaker/attached_files/058 Your Block Breaker Assets/Block-Breaker-Assets-V-4.zip1.15 MiB
05 Block Breaker/attached_files/059 Section Notes/Block-Breaker-Slides-White-Background.pdf185.73 KiB
05 Block Breaker/attached_files/060 Gimp Image Editing 101/url.txt94 B
05 Block Breaker/attached_files/063 Playing Background Music/url.txt25 B
05 Block Breaker/attached_files/064 About Statics & Singletons/url.txt73 B
05 Block Breaker/attached_files/066 Execution Order & Singletons/url.txt132 B
05 Block Breaker/attached_files/068 Setting Up Your Play Space/Setting-Up-Your-Play-Space-End-State.zip946.85 KiB
05 Block Breaker/attached_files/070 Colliders, Triggers & Collisions/url.txt53 B
05 Block Breaker/attached_files/074 Movement By Mouse/url.txt56 B
05 Block Breaker/attached_files/075 Launching Ball On Mouse Click/Our-Project-End-State.zip949.87 KiB
05 Block Breaker/attached_files/082 Destroying When Hit/url.txt59 B
05 Block Breaker/attached_files/083 Importing Sprite Sheets/Bricks.png30.76 KiB
05 Block Breaker/attached_files/085 Consolidating Hit Counting/url.txt40 B
05 Block Breaker/attached_files/086 Statics To Detect Win Condition/Statics-To-Detect-Win-Condition-End-State.zip1.2 MiB
05 Block Breaker/attached_files/089 Automated Play Testing/Automated-Play-Testing-End-State.zip2.27 MiB
05 Block Breaker/attached_files/090 Build & Share On The Web/url.txt72 B
05 Block Breaker/attached_files/094 Using Particle Systems/url.txt116 B
05 Block Breaker/attached_files/096 DOWNLOAD Unity Project/Block-Breaker.zip22.47 MiB
05 Block Breaker/attached_files/097 Section Wrap Up/url.txt38 B
05 Block Breaker/captions/056 Introduction To Block Breaker-EN.srt3.84 KiB
05 Block Breaker/captions/060 Gimp Image Editing 101-EN.srt19.76 KiB
05 Block Breaker/captions/061 Creating A 2D Brick Sprite-EN.srt16.46 KiB
05 Block Breaker/captions/062 Import The Menu System-EN.srt17.02 KiB
05 Block Breaker/captions/063 Playing Background Music-EN.srt17.51 KiB
05 Block Breaker/captions/064 About Statics Singletons-EN.srt6.4 KiB
05 Block Breaker/captions/065 Using Static Variables-EN.srt14.36 KiB
05 Block Breaker/captions/066 Execution Order Singletons-EN.srt17.37 KiB
05 Block Breaker/captions/067 Z-Depth in 2D games-EN.srt5.3 KiB
05 Block Breaker/captions/068 Setting Up Your Play Space-EN.srt15.29 KiB
05 Block Breaker/captions/069 Ball Gravity Colliders Fun-EN.srt14.69 KiB
05 Block Breaker/captions/070 Colliders Triggers Collisions-EN.srt15.79 KiB
05 Block Breaker/captions/071 Tidying Up Before Moving On-EN.srt15.23 KiB
05 Block Breaker/captions/072 Choosing Collider Type In Unity-EN.srt14.89 KiB
05 Block Breaker/captions/073 Using Physics Materials-EN.srt12.09 KiB
05 Block Breaker/captions/074 Movement By Mouse-EN.srt22.41 KiB
05 Block Breaker/captions/075 Launching Ball On Mouse Click-EN.srt24.4 KiB
05 Block Breaker/captions/076 Invisible Colliders Gravity Scale-EN.srt18.07 KiB
05 Block Breaker/captions/077 Creating Using Unity Prefabs-EN.srt22.88 KiB
05 Block Breaker/captions/078 Unity Editor Snap To Grid-EN.srt9.5 KiB
05 Block Breaker/captions/079 Making Everything A Prefab-EN.srt17.26 KiB
05 Block Breaker/captions/080 GameObject.FindObjectOfType-EN.srt15.39 KiB
05 Block Breaker/captions/081 Level Build Order-EN.srt18.73 KiB
05 Block Breaker/captions/082 Destroying When Hit-EN.srt17.01 KiB
05 Block Breaker/captions/083 Importing Sprite Sheets-EN.srt28.17 KiB
05 Block Breaker/captions/084 Swapping Sprites In Script-EN.srt20.38 KiB
05 Block Breaker/captions/085 Consolidating Hit Counting-EN.srt18.85 KiB
05 Block Breaker/captions/086 Statics To Detect Win Condition-EN.srt25.17 KiB
05 Block Breaker/captions/087 Playing Sound Effects On Impact-EN.srt19.14 KiB
05 Block Breaker/captions/088 Using Random.Range-EN.srt14.96 KiB
05 Block Breaker/captions/089 Automated Play Testing-EN.srt23.86 KiB
05 Block Breaker/captions/090 Build Share On The Web-EN.srt14.14 KiB
05 Block Breaker/captions/091 Fixing User Reported Bugs-EN.srt9.86 KiB
05 Block Breaker/captions/092 More Complex Collider Shapes-EN.srt21.71 KiB
05 Block Breaker/captions/093 Making Code Extendable-EN.srt12.74 KiB
05 Block Breaker/captions/094 Using Particle Systems-EN.srt18.97 KiB
05 Block Breaker/captions/095 Unity 5 Upgrade WebGL Build-EN.srt8.22 KiB
05 Block Breaker/captions/097 Section Wrap Up-EN.srt3.05 KiB
05 Block Breaker/quizzes/007 Mid Section QUIZ.html8.96 KiB
05 Block Breaker/quizzes/008 Section End QUIZ.html7.7 KiB
06 Laser Defender/098 Introduction to Laser Defender.mp426.73 MiB
06 Laser Defender/099 Game Design Document.pdf167.76 KiB
06 Laser Defender/100 Your Laser Defender Assets.pdf1.84 MiB
06 Laser Defender/101 Section Notes.pdf3.12 MiB
06 Laser Defender/102 Importing The Menu System.mp416.39 MiB
06 Laser Defender/103 A Starship We Can Control.mp433.5 MiB
06 Laser Defender/104 Restricting The Players Position.mp445.47 MiB
06 Laser Defender/105 Creating The Enemies.mp426.51 MiB
06 Laser Defender/106 Creating Enemy Positions.mp436.44 MiB
06 Laser Defender/107 Moving The Enemy Formation.mp462.79 MiB
06 Laser Defender/108 Fixing The Formation Movement.mp425.84 MiB
06 Laser Defender/109 Spawning Projectiles.mp467.56 MiB
06 Laser Defender/110 Shooting Enemies.mp449.24 MiB
06 Laser Defender/111 Enemies Shooting Back.mp479.54 MiB
06 Laser Defender/112 Controlling Collisions with Layers.mp423.69 MiB
06 Laser Defender/113 Detecting Enemies Have Been Destroyed.mp433.26 MiB
06 Laser Defender/114 Spawning Enemies One By One.mp436.33 MiB
06 Laser Defender/115 Enemy Position Animation.mp458.77 MiB
06 Laser Defender/116 Creating A Starfield.mp451.69 MiB
06 Laser Defender/117 Keeping Score.mp449.63 MiB
06 Laser Defender/118 Sound Effects For Fun And Profit.mp433.74 MiB
06 Laser Defender/119 Sprite Rendering Order.mp428.99 MiB
06 Laser Defender/120 Polishing The Menu System I.mp449.77 MiB
06 Laser Defender/121 Polishing The Menu System II.mp451.92 MiB
06 Laser Defender/122 Unity 5 Web GL Sharing Optional.mp454.85 MiB
06 Laser Defender/123 DOWNLOAD Unity Project.html475 B
06 Laser Defender/124 Section Wrap Up.mp438.48 MiB
06 Laser Defender/attached_files/100 Your Laser Defender Assets/Laser-Defender-Assets.zip51.98 MiB
06 Laser Defender/attached_files/101 Section Notes/Laser-Defender-White-Background.pdf2.92 MiB
06 Laser Defender/attached_files/103 A Starship We Can Control/url.txt98 B
06 Laser Defender/attached_files/105 Creating The Enemies/Creating-The-Enemy.zip835.12 KiB
06 Laser Defender/attached_files/121 Polishing The Menu System II/url.txt95 B
06 Laser Defender/attached_files/123 DOWNLOAD Unity Project/Completeunitycourse-Laser-Defender-C2008d595968.zip50.34 MiB
06 Laser Defender/captions/098 Introduction to Laser Defender-EN.srt2.72 KiB
06 Laser Defender/captions/102 Importing The Menu System-EN.srt7.08 KiB
06 Laser Defender/captions/103 A Starship We Can Control-EN.srt13.04 KiB
06 Laser Defender/captions/104 Restricting The Players Position-EN.srt19.16 KiB
06 Laser Defender/captions/105 Creating The Enemies-EN.srt12.33 KiB
06 Laser Defender/captions/106 Creating Enemy Positions-EN.srt18.55 KiB
06 Laser Defender/captions/107 Moving The Enemy Formation-EN.srt21.45 KiB
06 Laser Defender/captions/108 Fixing The Formation Movement-EN.srt10.92 KiB
06 Laser Defender/captions/109 Spawning Projectiles-EN.srt24.11 KiB
06 Laser Defender/captions/110 Shooting Enemies-EN.srt22.73 KiB
06 Laser Defender/captions/111 Enemies Shooting Back-EN.srt29.56 KiB
06 Laser Defender/captions/114 Spawning Enemies One By One-EN.srt13.98 KiB
06 Laser Defender/captions/115 Enemy Position Animation-EN.srt27.37 KiB
06 Laser Defender/captions/116 Creating A Starfield-EN.srt17.37 KiB
06 Laser Defender/captions/118 Sound Effects For Fun And Profit-EN.srt9.01 KiB
06 Laser Defender/captions/119 Sprite Rendering Order-EN.srt8.9 KiB
06 Laser Defender/captions/120 Polishing The Menu System I-EN.srt19.33 KiB
06 Laser Defender/captions/122 Unity 5 Web GL Sharing Optional-EN.srt5.21 KiB
06 Laser Defender/captions/124 Section Wrap Up-EN.srt3.7 KiB
06 Laser Defender/quizzes/009 Mid Section QUIZ.html11.73 KiB
06 Laser Defender/quizzes/010 Mid Section QUIZ.html9.42 KiB
06 Laser Defender/quizzes/011 Section End QUIZ.html13.44 KiB
07 Glitch Garden A Plants vs. Zombies Clone/125 Introduction To Glitch Garden.mp456.14 MiB
07 Glitch Garden A Plants vs. Zombies Clone/126 Game Design Document.html544 B
07 Glitch Garden A Plants vs. Zombies Clone/127 Your Glitch Garden Assets.pdf2.89 MiB
07 Glitch Garden A Plants vs. Zombies Clone/128 Section Notes.pdf5.03 MiB
07 Glitch Garden A Plants vs. Zombies Clone/129 Making A Splash Screen.mp453.25 MiB
07 Glitch Garden A Plants vs. Zombies Clone/130 Scaling Aspect Ratios.mp462.87 MiB
07 Glitch Garden A Plants vs. Zombies Clone/131 Alternative Music Manager.mp446.97 MiB
07 Glitch Garden A Plants vs. Zombies Clone/132 Menus Options Music.mp465.5 MiB
07 Glitch Garden A Plants vs. Zombies Clone/133 Adding Fade Transitions.mp444.14 MiB
07 Glitch Garden A Plants vs. Zombies Clone/134 Scaling Level Backgrounds.mp447.47 MiB
07 Glitch Garden A Plants vs. Zombies Clone/135 Introducing PlayerPrefs.mp455.89 MiB
07 Glitch Garden A Plants vs. Zombies Clone/136 Our PlayerPrefsManager.cs.mp427.8 MiB
07 Glitch Garden A Plants vs. Zombies Clone/137 Our PlayerPrefsManager - part 2.mp432.96 MiB
07 Glitch Garden A Plants vs. Zombies Clone/138 UI Sliders For Options.mp475.33 MiB
07 Glitch Garden A Plants vs. Zombies Clone/139 Sprite Sheet Animation.mp463.06 MiB
07 Glitch Garden A Plants vs. Zombies Clone/140 Ratio Math Primer.mp453.71 MiB
07 Glitch Garden A Plants vs. Zombies Clone/141 World Space UI Canvas.mp476.78 MiB
07 Glitch Garden A Plants vs. Zombies Clone/142 The Animation Controller.mp458.22 MiB
07 Glitch Garden A Plants vs. Zombies Clone/143 Texture Size Compression.mp461.15 MiB
07 Glitch Garden A Plants vs. Zombies Clone/144 Using Gimp To Slice Images.mp468.64 MiB
07 Glitch Garden A Plants vs. Zombies Clone/145 2D Bone-Based Animation.mp467.31 MiB
07 Glitch Garden A Plants vs. Zombies Clone/146 Animating Our Lizard.mp483.79 MiB
07 Glitch Garden A Plants vs. Zombies Clone/147 Animating Our Cactus.mp449.32 MiB
07 Glitch Garden A Plants vs. Zombies Clone/148 Finishing Our Defenders.mp487.08 MiB
07 Glitch Garden A Plants vs. Zombies Clone/149 Finishing Our Attackers.mp475.46 MiB
07 Glitch Garden A Plants vs. Zombies Clone/150 Projectile Animation.mp443.28 MiB
07 Glitch Garden A Plants vs. Zombies Clone/151 Using Unity Remote.mp478.38 MiB
07 Glitch Garden A Plants vs. Zombies Clone/152 Review Improvements.mp466.4 MiB
07 Glitch Garden A Plants vs. Zombies Clone/153 Moving Attackers From Script.mp482.39 MiB
07 Glitch Garden A Plants vs. Zombies Clone/154 Collision Matrix In Script.mp4118.83 MiB
07 Glitch Garden A Plants vs. Zombies Clone/155 Using Animation Events.mp4100.93 MiB
07 Glitch Garden A Plants vs. Zombies Clone/156 Components vs Inheritance.mp488.76 MiB
07 Glitch Garden A Plants vs. Zombies Clone/157 Using A Health Component.mp492.6 MiB
07 Glitch Garden A Plants vs. Zombies Clone/158 Animating Defenders Projectiles.mp4137.28 MiB
07 Glitch Garden A Plants vs. Zombies Clone/159 Animator Firing Projectiles.mp4105.77 MiB
07 Glitch Garden A Plants vs. Zombies Clone/160 Separate Attack Fire States.mp466.99 MiB
07 Glitch Garden A Plants vs. Zombies Clone/161 Handling Projectile Damage.mp444.45 MiB
07 Glitch Garden A Plants vs. Zombies Clone/162 Tower Selector Buttons.mp499.12 MiB
07 Glitch Garden A Plants vs. Zombies Clone/163 Creating When Needed.mp450.21 MiB
07 Glitch Garden A Plants vs. Zombies Clone/164 Spawn Defenders To Grid.mp4102.8 MiB
07 Glitch Garden A Plants vs. Zombies Clone/165 Enemy Spawning Flow.mp4112.78 MiB
07 Glitch Garden A Plants vs. Zombies Clone/166 Shooters Detect Attackers.mp4110.97 MiB
07 Glitch Garden A Plants vs. Zombies Clone/167 Using Stars As Currency.mp480.72 MiB
07 Glitch Garden A Plants vs. Zombies Clone/168 Spending Star Currency.mp463.67 MiB
07 Glitch Garden A Plants vs. Zombies Clone/169 Handle Lose Condition.mp447.74 MiB
07 Glitch Garden A Plants vs. Zombies Clone/170 UI Slider Level Timer.mp497.05 MiB
07 Glitch Garden A Plants vs. Zombies Clone/171 Review Tidy Up.mp499.78 MiB
07 Glitch Garden A Plants vs. Zombies Clone/172 Play Testing Tuning.mp4110.1 MiB
07 Glitch Garden A Plants vs. Zombies Clone/173 Installing Android Studio.mp423.33 MiB
07 Glitch Garden A Plants vs. Zombies Clone/174 Building To Android.mp485.72 MiB
07 Glitch Garden A Plants vs. Zombies Clone/175 Build To iOS Simulator.mp450.8 MiB
07 Glitch Garden A Plants vs. Zombies Clone/176 User Testing Tweaks.mp481.01 MiB
07 Glitch Garden A Plants vs. Zombies Clone/177 Unity 5 Web GL Sharing Optional.mp450 MiB
07 Glitch Garden A Plants vs. Zombies Clone/178 DOWNLOAD Unity Project.html139 B
07 Glitch Garden A Plants vs. Zombies Clone/179 Section Wrap Up.mp480.54 MiB
07 Glitch Garden A Plants vs. Zombies Clone/attached_files/127 Your Glitch Garden Assets/GG03-Glitch-Garden-Assets-V-8.zip40.28 MiB
07 Glitch Garden A Plants vs. Zombies Clone/attached_files/128 Section Notes/Glitch-Garden-Slides-v.2-white-background.pdf5.48 MiB
07 Glitch Garden A Plants vs. Zombies Clone/attached_files/128 Section Notes/Glitch-Garden-Slides-v.2.pdf7.34 MiB
07 Glitch Garden A Plants vs. Zombies Clone/attached_files/129 Making A Splash Screen/Making-A-Splash-Screen.zip942.02 KiB
07 Glitch Garden A Plants vs. Zombies Clone/attached_files/129 Making A Splash Screen/url.txt77 B
07 Glitch Garden A Plants vs. Zombies Clone/attached_files/130 Scalling & Aspect Ratios/url.txt249 B
07 Glitch Garden A Plants vs. Zombies Clone/attached_files/132 Menus Options Music/Menus-Options-Music.zip15.87 MiB
07 Glitch Garden A Plants vs. Zombies Clone/attached_files/138 UI Sliders For Options/UI-Sliders-For-Options-End-State.zip16.06 MiB
07 Glitch Garden A Plants vs. Zombies Clone/attached_files/143 Texture Size & Compression/url.txt197 B
07 Glitch Garden A Plants vs. Zombies Clone/attached_files/150 Projectile Animation/url.txt25 B
07 Glitch Garden A Plants vs. Zombies Clone/attached_files/151 Using Unity Remote/url.txt48 B
07 Glitch Garden A Plants vs. Zombies Clone/attached_files/156 Components vs Inheritance/url.txt49 B
07 Glitch Garden A Plants vs. Zombies Clone/attached_files/163 Creating When Needed/url.txt49 B
07 Glitch Garden A Plants vs. Zombies Clone/attached_files/165 Enemy Spawning & Flow/GG36-The-Flow-Channel-Indie-Dev-Stories-Indie-Dev-Stories.pdf435.97 KiB
07 Glitch Garden A Plants vs. Zombies Clone/attached_files/165 Enemy Spawning & Flow/url.txt75 B
07 Glitch Garden A Plants vs. Zombies Clone/attached_files/172 Play Testing & Tuning/Play-Testing-Tuning-End-State.zip18.1 MiB
07 Glitch Garden A Plants vs. Zombies Clone/attached_files/173 Installing Android Studio/GG45-Building-To-Android-Screenshot-.png724.89 KiB
07 Glitch Garden A Plants vs. Zombies Clone/attached_files/173 Installing Android Studio/url.txt32 B
07 Glitch Garden A Plants vs. Zombies Clone/attached_files/178 DOWNLOAD Unity Project/User-Testing-Tweaks-End-State.zip18.13 MiB
07 Glitch Garden A Plants vs. Zombies Clone/captions/125 Introduction To Glitch Garden-EN.srt3.88 KiB
07 Glitch Garden A Plants vs. Zombies Clone/captions/129 Making A Splash Screen-EN.srt23.17 KiB
07 Glitch Garden A Plants vs. Zombies Clone/captions/130 Scaling Aspect Ratios-EN.srt22.3 KiB
07 Glitch Garden A Plants vs. Zombies Clone/captions/131 Alternative Music Manager-EN.srt19.49 KiB
07 Glitch Garden A Plants vs. Zombies Clone/captions/132 Menus Options Music-EN.srt28.41 KiB
07 Glitch Garden A Plants vs. Zombies Clone/captions/133 Adding Fade Transitions-EN.srt20.98 KiB
07 Glitch Garden A Plants vs. Zombies Clone/captions/134 Scaling Level Backgrounds-EN.srt13.71 KiB
07 Glitch Garden A Plants vs. Zombies Clone/captions/135 Introducing PlayerPrefs-EN.srt5.7 KiB
07 Glitch Garden A Plants vs. Zombies Clone/captions/136 Our PlayerPrefsManager.cs-EN.srt14.72 KiB
07 Glitch Garden A Plants vs. Zombies Clone/captions/137 Our PlayerPrefsManager - part 2-EN.srt16.69 KiB
07 Glitch Garden A Plants vs. Zombies Clone/captions/138 UI Sliders For Options-EN.srt28.39 KiB
07 Glitch Garden A Plants vs. Zombies Clone/captions/139 Sprite Sheet Animation-EN.srt20.96 KiB
07 Glitch Garden A Plants vs. Zombies Clone/captions/140 Ratio Math Primer-EN.srt6.91 KiB
07 Glitch Garden A Plants vs. Zombies Clone/captions/141 World Space UI Canvas-EN.srt21.39 KiB
07 Glitch Garden A Plants vs. Zombies Clone/captions/142 The Animation Controller-EN.srt21.83 KiB
07 Glitch Garden A Plants vs. Zombies Clone/captions/143 Texture Size Compression-EN.srt15.5 KiB
07 Glitch Garden A Plants vs. Zombies Clone/captions/144 Using Gimp To Slice Images-EN.srt16.9 KiB
07 Glitch Garden A Plants vs. Zombies Clone/captions/145 2D Bone-Based Animation-EN.srt23.41 KiB
07 Glitch Garden A Plants vs. Zombies Clone/captions/150 Projectile Animation-EN.srt14.78 KiB
07 Glitch Garden A Plants vs. Zombies Clone/captions/152 Review Improvements-EN.srt17.61 KiB
07 Glitch Garden A Plants vs. Zombies Clone/captions/153 Moving Attackers From Script-EN.srt16.68 KiB
07 Glitch Garden A Plants vs. Zombies Clone/captions/154 Collision Matrix In Script-EN.srt29.79 KiB
07 Glitch Garden A Plants vs. Zombies Clone/captions/155 Using Animation Events-EN.srt24.71 KiB
07 Glitch Garden A Plants vs. Zombies Clone/captions/156 Components vs Inheritance-EN.srt26.51 KiB
07 Glitch Garden A Plants vs. Zombies Clone/captions/157 Using A Health Component-EN.srt23.28 KiB
07 Glitch Garden A Plants vs. Zombies Clone/captions/158 Animating Defenders Projectiles-EN.srt31.62 KiB
07 Glitch Garden A Plants vs. Zombies Clone/captions/159 Animator Firing Projectiles-EN.srt24.38 KiB
07 Glitch Garden A Plants vs. Zombies Clone/captions/160 Separate Attack Fire States-EN.srt13.67 KiB
07 Glitch Garden A Plants vs. Zombies Clone/captions/161 Handling Projectile Damage-EN.srt9.25 KiB
07 Glitch Garden A Plants vs. Zombies Clone/captions/162 Tower Selector Buttons-EN.srt21.47 KiB
07 Glitch Garden A Plants vs. Zombies Clone/captions/163 Creating When Needed-EN.srt15.75 KiB
07 Glitch Garden A Plants vs. Zombies Clone/captions/164 Spawn Defenders To Grid-EN.srt39.64 KiB
07 Glitch Garden A Plants vs. Zombies Clone/captions/165 Enemy Spawning Flow-EN.srt38.09 KiB
07 Glitch Garden A Plants vs. Zombies Clone/captions/166 Shooters Detect Attackers-EN.srt32.54 KiB
07 Glitch Garden A Plants vs. Zombies Clone/captions/167 Using Stars As Currency-EN.srt24.48 KiB
07 Glitch Garden A Plants vs. Zombies Clone/captions/168 Spending Star Currency-EN.srt26.28 KiB
07 Glitch Garden A Plants vs. Zombies Clone/captions/169 Handle Lose Condition-EN.srt17.04 KiB
07 Glitch Garden A Plants vs. Zombies Clone/captions/170 UI Slider Level Timer-EN.srt37.41 KiB
07 Glitch Garden A Plants vs. Zombies Clone/captions/171 Review Tidy Up-EN.srt26.37 KiB
07 Glitch Garden A Plants vs. Zombies Clone/captions/172 Play Testing Tuning-EN.srt30.3 KiB
07 Glitch Garden A Plants vs. Zombies Clone/captions/173 Installing Android Studio-EN.srt8.3 KiB
07 Glitch Garden A Plants vs. Zombies Clone/captions/174 Building To Android-EN.srt18.55 KiB
07 Glitch Garden A Plants vs. Zombies Clone/captions/175 Build To iOS Simulator-EN.srt16.44 KiB
07 Glitch Garden A Plants vs. Zombies Clone/captions/176 User Testing Tweaks-EN.srt22.96 KiB
07 Glitch Garden A Plants vs. Zombies Clone/captions/177 Unity 5 Web GL Sharing Optional-EN.srt5.19 KiB
07 Glitch Garden A Plants vs. Zombies Clone/captions/179 Section Wrap Up-EN.srt5.88 KiB
07 Glitch Garden A Plants vs. Zombies Clone/quizzes/012 Mid Section QUIZ.html7.02 KiB
07 Glitch Garden A Plants vs. Zombies Clone/quizzes/013 Mid Section QUIZ.html1.49 KiB
07 Glitch Garden A Plants vs. Zombies Clone/quizzes/014 Section End QUIZ.html1.49 KiB
08 Bowlmaster 10-Pin Bowling/180 Introduction to Bowlmaster.mp427.5 MiB
08 Bowlmaster 10-Pin Bowling/181 Game Design Document.pdf998.07 KiB
08 Bowlmaster 10-Pin Bowling/182 Your Bowlmaster Assets.pdf2.89 MiB
08 Bowlmaster 10-Pin Bowling/183 Section Notes.pdf5.95 MiB
08 Bowlmaster 10-Pin Bowling/184 Installing Unity 5.mp422.62 MiB
08 Bowlmaster 10-Pin Bowling/185 Creating 3D Cube Floor.mp441.48 MiB
08 Bowlmaster 10-Pin Bowling/186 Using Blender To Create Assets.mp423.34 MiB
08 Bowlmaster 10-Pin Bowling/187 How To Install Blender.mp425.41 MiB
08 Bowlmaster 10-Pin Bowling/188 Import Pin From Blender.mp486.33 MiB
08 Bowlmaster 10-Pin Bowling/189 3D Sphere As Bowling Ball.mp456.15 MiB
08 Bowlmaster 10-Pin Bowling/190 Control Camera To Track Ball.mp457.26 MiB
08 Bowlmaster 10-Pin Bowling/191 3D Collisions Convex Meshes.mp463.33 MiB
08 Bowlmaster 10-Pin Bowling/192 Top Camera Render Texture.mp452.79 MiB
08 Bowlmaster 10-Pin Bowling/193 Improve UI Scaling.mp442.58 MiB
08 Bowlmaster 10-Pin Bowling/194 Simple Touch Control System.mp482.12 MiB
08 Bowlmaster 10-Pin Bowling/195 Adding Arrows To Nudge Ball.mp478.53 MiB
08 Bowlmaster 10-Pin Bowling/196 Animation Sub-State Machines.mp469.67 MiB
08 Bowlmaster 10-Pin Bowling/197 Working Around Nested Prefabs.mp483.84 MiB
08 Bowlmaster 10-Pin Bowling/198 Counting Upright Objects.mp465.75 MiB
08 Bowlmaster 10-Pin Bowling/199 Keep Going.mp422.27 MiB
08 Bowlmaster 10-Pin Bowling/200 Detecting Pins Have Settled 1.mp4104.7 MiB
08 Bowlmaster 10-Pin Bowling/201 Detecting Pins Have Settled 2.mp4106.59 MiB
08 Bowlmaster 10-Pin Bowling/202 Sub-states Default States.mp462.59 MiB
08 Bowlmaster 10-Pin Bowling/203 Calling Animator Helper Scripts.mp458.9 MiB
08 Bowlmaster 10-Pin Bowling/204 Some Debugging Tips.mp481.58 MiB
08 Bowlmaster 10-Pin Bowling/205 Common Physics Issues.mp4104.45 MiB
08 Bowlmaster 10-Pin Bowling/206 Tidying Refactoring Code.mp461.82 MiB
08 Bowlmaster 10-Pin Bowling/207 How 10-Pin Bowling Scoring Works.mp440.57 MiB
08 Bowlmaster 10-Pin Bowling/208 Test Driven Development TDD.mp415.09 MiB
08 Bowlmaster 10-Pin Bowling/209 Install Unity Test Tools.mp442.17 MiB
08 Bowlmaster 10-Pin Bowling/210 Making Your First Test Pass.mp463.34 MiB
08 Bowlmaster 10-Pin Bowling/211 Red Green Refactor.mp472.49 MiB
08 Bowlmaster 10-Pin Bowling/212 Finishing Our Control Code.mp495.05 MiB
08 Bowlmaster 10-Pin Bowling/213 Failing Tests Challenge.mp475.59 MiB
08 Bowlmaster 10-Pin Bowling/214 Bug Reporting Cycle.mp457.35 MiB
08 Bowlmaster 10-Pin Bowling/215 Wire-Up ActionMaster.cs.mp4147.55 MiB
08 Bowlmaster 10-Pin Bowling/216 Using OnTriggerExit.mp480.45 MiB
08 Bowlmaster 10-Pin Bowling/217 Creating A Testable Architecture.mp451.19 MiB
08 Bowlmaster 10-Pin Bowling/218 Tidying Before Moving On.mp481.25 MiB
08 Bowlmaster 10-Pin Bowling/219 Refactoring Code Tests.mp492.32 MiB
08 Bowlmaster 10-Pin Bowling/220 A Game Manager With State.mp498.05 MiB
08 Bowlmaster 10-Pin Bowling/221 An Epic TDD Challenge.mp455.37 MiB
08 Bowlmaster 10-Pin Bowling/222 Realtime Bowling Scoring Solution.mp474.19 MiB
08 Bowlmaster 10-Pin Bowling/223 Golden Copy Testing.mp457.43 MiB
08 Bowlmaster 10-Pin Bowling/224 An Array Of UI Text.mp461.62 MiB
08 Bowlmaster 10-Pin Bowling/225 Tracing Errors Using Console.mp466.13 MiB
08 Bowlmaster 10-Pin Bowling/226 Try Catch For Error Handling.mp416.39 MiB
08 Bowlmaster 10-Pin Bowling/227 Static Classes In C.mp446.86 MiB
08 Bowlmaster 10-Pin Bowling/228 Unit Testing Monobehaviours.mp450.89 MiB
08 Bowlmaster 10-Pin Bowling/229 Designing Your Own Tests.mp459.13 MiB
08 Bowlmaster 10-Pin Bowling/230 Final Fixes Finishing Off.mp435.59 MiB
08 Bowlmaster 10-Pin Bowling/231 Bug Fixes Upgrading Test Tools.mp435.3 MiB
08 Bowlmaster 10-Pin Bowling/232 DOWNLOAD Unity Project.html139 B
08 Bowlmaster 10-Pin Bowling/233 Section Wrap Up.mp421.09 MiB
08 Bowlmaster 10-Pin Bowling/attached_files/181 Game Design Document/Bm02-Game-Design-Documentpdf.pdf998.07 KiB
08 Bowlmaster 10-Pin Bowling/attached_files/182 Your Bowlmaster Assets/Bowling-Pin-FBX-Blender-Not-Needed-.zip108.24 KiB
08 Bowlmaster 10-Pin Bowling/attached_files/182 Your Bowlmaster Assets/Bowlmaster-Assets-V-10.zip8.37 MiB
08 Bowlmaster 10-Pin Bowling/attached_files/182 Your Bowlmaster Assets/ScoreMasterTest.cs.zip1.32 KiB
08 Bowlmaster 10-Pin Bowling/attached_files/183 Section Notes/BM04-Section-Notes.pdf5.95 MiB
08 Bowlmaster 10-Pin Bowling/attached_files/183 Section Notes/Bowlmaster-Section-Notes-White-Background.pdf3.35 MiB
08 Bowlmaster 10-Pin Bowling/attached_files/187 How To Install Blender/url.txt38 B
08 Bowlmaster 10-Pin Bowling/attached_files/189 3D Sphere As Bowling Ball/url.txt43 B
08 Bowlmaster 10-Pin Bowling/attached_files/192 Top Camera Render Texture/url.txt55 B
08 Bowlmaster 10-Pin Bowling/attached_files/206 Tidying Refactoring Code/url.txt60 B
08 Bowlmaster 10-Pin Bowling/attached_files/207 How 10-Pin Bowling Scoring Works/url.txt89 B
08 Bowlmaster 10-Pin Bowling/attached_files/208 Test Driven Development TDD/url.txt53 B
08 Bowlmaster 10-Pin Bowling/attached_files/209 Install Unity Test Tools/url.txt51 B
08 Bowlmaster 10-Pin Bowling/attached_files/212 Finishing Our Control Code/Action-Master-Scripts.zip1.27 KiB
08 Bowlmaster 10-Pin Bowling/attached_files/219 Refactoring Code Tests/url.txt61 B
08 Bowlmaster 10-Pin Bowling/attached_files/221 An Epic TDD Challenge/Score-Master-Test-Cs.zip1.3 KiB
08 Bowlmaster 10-Pin Bowling/attached_files/222 Realtime Bowling Scoring Solution/url.txt54 B
08 Bowlmaster 10-Pin Bowling/attached_files/228 Unit Testing Monobehaviours/url.txt83 B
08 Bowlmaster 10-Pin Bowling/attached_files/229 Designing Your Own Tests/Our-Score-Display-Test-1-Cs.zip863 B
08 Bowlmaster 10-Pin Bowling/attached_files/230 Final Fixes Finishing Off/url.txt70 B
08 Bowlmaster 10-Pin Bowling/attached_files/232 DOWNLOAD Unity Project/Bowlmaster-End-State.zip8.84 MiB
08 Bowlmaster 10-Pin Bowling/captions/180 Introduction to Bowlmaster-EN.srt2.53 KiB
08 Bowlmaster 10-Pin Bowling/captions/184 Installing Unity 5-EN.srt7.52 KiB
08 Bowlmaster 10-Pin Bowling/captions/185 Creating 3D Cube Floor-EN.srt23.4 KiB
08 Bowlmaster 10-Pin Bowling/captions/186 Using Blender To Create Assets-EN.srt3.46 KiB
08 Bowlmaster 10-Pin Bowling/captions/187 How To Install Blender-EN.srt9.63 KiB
08 Bowlmaster 10-Pin Bowling/captions/188 Import Pin From Blender-EN.srt33.33 KiB
08 Bowlmaster 10-Pin Bowling/captions/189 3D Sphere As Bowling Ball-EN.srt18.49 KiB
08 Bowlmaster 10-Pin Bowling/captions/190 Control Camera To Track Ball-EN.srt14.3 KiB
08 Bowlmaster 10-Pin Bowling/captions/191 3D Collisions Convex Meshes-EN.srt20.3 KiB
08 Bowlmaster 10-Pin Bowling/captions/192 Top Camera Render Texture-EN.srt18.81 KiB
08 Bowlmaster 10-Pin Bowling/captions/193 Improve UI Scaling-EN.srt11.42 KiB
08 Bowlmaster 10-Pin Bowling/captions/194 Simple Touch Control System-EN.srt30.16 KiB
08 Bowlmaster 10-Pin Bowling/captions/195 Adding Arrows To Nudge Ball-EN.srt26.43 KiB
08 Bowlmaster 10-Pin Bowling/captions/196 Animation Sub-State Machines-EN.srt27.28 KiB
08 Bowlmaster 10-Pin Bowling/captions/197 Working Around Nested Prefabs-EN.srt26.57 KiB
08 Bowlmaster 10-Pin Bowling/captions/198 Counting Upright Objects-EN.srt22.36 KiB
08 Bowlmaster 10-Pin Bowling/captions/199 Keep Going-EN.srt2.7 KiB
08 Bowlmaster 10-Pin Bowling/captions/200 Detecting Pins Have Settled 1-EN.srt30.92 KiB
08 Bowlmaster 10-Pin Bowling/captions/201 Detecting Pins Have Settled 2-EN.srt35.25 KiB
08 Bowlmaster 10-Pin Bowling/captions/202 Sub-states Default States-EN.srt25.21 KiB
08 Bowlmaster 10-Pin Bowling/captions/203 Calling Animator Helper Scripts-EN.srt23.58 KiB
08 Bowlmaster 10-Pin Bowling/captions/204 Some Debugging Tips-EN.srt32 KiB
08 Bowlmaster 10-Pin Bowling/captions/205 Common Physics Issues-EN.srt31.42 KiB
08 Bowlmaster 10-Pin Bowling/captions/206 Tidying