Lynda - Instagram for business

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Lynda - Instagram for business.torrent:
005 Examples of business success on Instagram.mp418.33 MiB
007 Researching your competition on Instagram.mp416.39 MiB
011 Uploading photos and videos to Instagram.mp416.39 MiB
012 Interacting with the Instagram community.mp413.79 MiB
003 Business opportunities in Instagram.mp411.57 MiB
006 Brainstorming content ideas for your business.mp411.13 MiB
010 Optimizing your Instagram profile.mp410.68 MiB
008 Developing a posting schedule.mp410.33 MiB
018 Reposting to Instagram.mp49.53 MiB
022 Discovering Instagram widgets.mp49.07 MiB
004 Tour of the Instagram user interface.mp47.8 MiB
014 Linking other social networks to Instagram.mp47.7 MiB
016 Utilizing hashtags.mp47.11 MiB
024 Statistical analysis tools.mp46.7 MiB
015 Recommended filters for business use.mp46.62 MiB
013 Reviewing Instagram activity.mp46.2 MiB
017 Adding a location to content posted to Instagram.mp45.58 MiB
009 Advertising opportunities on Instagram.mp44.93 MiB
020 Embedding Instagram photos in your website.mp44.91 MiB
001 Welcome.mp44.82 MiB
023 Utilizing the relationship between Facebook and Instagram.mp44.81 MiB
002 Instagram overview.mp43.83 MiB
025 Measuring success based on previous posts.mp43.45 MiB
019 Discovering the Instagram for Business blog.mp43.37 MiB
021 Creating and embedding Instagram badges.mp42.76 MiB
026 Additional resources.mp41.66 MiB