Lynda - Introduction to Photography: Lightroom and Photoshop wit

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Lynda - Introduction to Photography: Lightroom and Photoshop wit.torrent:
Adjust and correct images-471580.mp494.41 MiB
Import and organize images-471577.mp455.16 MiB
Content-aware scale, retouching, and pixel-level edits-471588.mp451.8 MiB
Localized image editing-471587.mp447.15 MiB
Keyword, rate, and search images-471579.mp438.12 MiB
Photo select decision strategies-471578.mp437.42 MiB
Welcome to post-processing-471572.mp437.39 MiB
Non-destructive image editing and virtual copies-471581.mp434.66 MiB
How to backup images-471583.mp433.92 MiB
Understand Photoshop uses-471585.mp432.2 MiB
Understand the uses of Lightroom-471576.mp431.85 MiB
Understand post-processing means-471573.mp431.79 MiB
Explore next steps-471594.mp431.04 MiB
Sync and edit images in Lightroom mobile-471592.mp427.29 MiB
Add Photoshop to a Lightroom workflow-471586.mp424.01 MiB
Understand the uses of mobile apps-471590.mp420.78 MiB
Understand the mobile workflow-471591.mp417.48 MiB
Export and output options in Lightroom-471582.mp412.86 MiB
About post-processing workflow-471574.mp411.2 MiB