Lynda - Office 2016 Essential Training - Excel 2016

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Lynda - Office 2016 Essential Training - Excel 2016.torrent:
13. Data Management Features/13_02-Inserting subtotals in a sorted list.mp442.8 MiB
05. Formatting/05_08-Creating and using tables.mp440.29 MiB
13. Data Management Features/13_01-Sorting data.mp438.79 MiB
15. PivotTables/15_01-Creating PivotTables.mp436.63 MiB
15. PivotTables/15_03-Grouping by date and time.mp436.4 MiB
16. Introduction to Macros/16_03-Running a macro.mp434.42 MiB
16. Introduction to Macros/16_02-Creating a simple macro.mp432.69 MiB
10. Multiple Worksheets and Workbooks/10_01-Displaying multiple worksheets and workbooks.mp431.7 MiB
05. Formatting/05_09-Inserting shapes, arrows, and other visual features.mp429.72 MiB
15. PivotTables/15_02-Manipulating PivotTable data.mp429.29 MiB
07. Printing/07_01-Exploring the Page Layout tab and Page Layout view.mp428.79 MiB
07. Printing/07_03-Working with Page Setup and printing controls.mp428.27 MiB
05. Formatting/05_07-Using conditional formatting.mp428.15 MiB
13. Data Management Features/13_07-Using validation tools.mp426.74 MiB
09. Adjusting Worksheet Views/09_01-Freezing and unfreezing panes.mp426.23 MiB
08. Printing/08_02-Exploring chart types.mp425.82 MiB
13. Data Management Features/13_04-Splitting data into multiple columns.mp425.8 MiB
09. Adjusting Worksheet Views/09_02-Splitting screens horizontally and vertically.mp425.41 MiB
06. Adjusting Worksheet Layout and Data/06_01-Inserting and deleting rows and columns.mp425.22 MiB
11. IF, VLOOKUP, and Power Functions/11_03-Getting exact table data with the VLOOKUP function.mp425.07 MiB
05. Formatting/05_05-Exploring numeric and special formatting.mp424.9 MiB
07. Printing/07_02-Previewing page breaks.mp424.58 MiB
12. Security and Sharing/12_01-Unlocking cells and protecting worksheets.mp424.21 MiB
13. Data Management Features/13_03-Using filters.mp423.89 MiB
04. Creating Formulas and Functions/04_07-Using other common functions.mp423.16 MiB
02. Getting Started with Excel/02_10-Using Excel Help.mp422.5 MiB
14. Data Analysis Tools/14_03-Using Scenario Manager.mp422.3 MiB
09. Adjusting Worksheet Views/09_03-Collapsing and expanding data views with outlining.mp421.72 MiB
13. Data Management Features/13_05-Splitting and combining columnar data with Flash Fill.mp421.32 MiB
05. Formatting/05_06-Formatting numbers and dates.mp421.29 MiB
08. Printing/08_03-Formatting charts.mp420.64 MiB
10. Multiple Worksheets and Workbooks/10_04-Using formulas to link worksheets and workbooks.mp420.55 MiB
08. Printing/08_05-Creating incell charts with sparklines.mp419.63 MiB
15. PivotTables/15_05-Using slicers to clarify and manipulate fields.mp419.37 MiB
02. Getting Started with Excel/02_06-Using the Status bar.mp419.37 MiB
16. Introduction to Macros/16_01-Exploring the need for macros.mp419.37 MiB
06. Adjusting Worksheet Layout and Data/06_04-Finding and replacing data.mp419.07 MiB
14. Data Analysis Tools/14_01-Using Goal Seek.mp418.94 MiB
14. Data Analysis Tools/14_02-Using Solver.mp418.87 MiB
02. Getting Started with Excel/02_03-Using the Quick Access Toolbar.mp418.7 MiB
05. Formatting/05_03-Working with alignment and Wrap Text.mp418.62 MiB
10. Multiple Worksheets and Workbooks/10_05-Locating and maintaining links.mp418.62 MiB
06. Adjusting Worksheet Layout and Data/06_02-Hiding and unhiding rows and columns.mp418.57 MiB
08. Printing/08_01-Creating charts.mp418.42 MiB
04. Creating Formulas and Functions/04_04-Creating a percentagechange formula.mp418.29 MiB
06. Adjusting Worksheet Layout and Data/06_03-Moving, copying, and inserting data.mp418.22 MiB
11. IF, VLOOKUP, and Power Functions/11_02-Getting approximate table data with the VLOOKUP function.mp417.82 MiB
08. Printing/08_04-Working with axes, titles, and other chart elements.mp417.52 MiB
14. Data Analysis Tools/14_04-Using data tables.mp416.98 MiB
04. Creating Formulas and Functions/04_01-Creating simple formulas.mp416.97 MiB
12. Security and Sharing/12_02-Protecting workbooks.mp416.82 MiB
05. Formatting/05_02-Adjusting row heights and column widths.mp416.36 MiB
02. Getting Started with Excel/02_02-Using the menu system.mp415.82 MiB
12. Security and Sharing/12_05-Tracking changes.mp415.75 MiB
10. Multiple Worksheets and Workbooks/10_03-Moving, copying, and grouping sheets.mp415.61 MiB
11. IF, VLOOKUP, and Power Functions/11_04-Using the COUNTIF family of functions.mp415.47 MiB
04. Creating Formulas and Functions/04_05-Working with relative, absolute, and mixed references.mp415.28 MiB
02. Getting Started with Excel/02_08-Using shortcut menus and the Mini toolbar.mp413.92 MiB
11. IF, VLOOKUP, and Power Functions/11_01-Using IF functions and relational operators.mp413.43 MiB
04. Creating Formulas and Functions/04_06-Using SUM and AVERAGE.mp413.23 MiB
15. PivotTables/15_06-Using PivotCharts.mp413.1 MiB
15. PivotTables/15_04-Grouping by other factors.mp412.46 MiB
12. Security and Sharing/12_04-Sharing workbooks.mp412.37 MiB
02. Getting Started with Excel/02_04-Understanding workbooks and worksheets.mp412.01 MiB
10. Multiple Worksheets and Workbooks/10_02-Renaming, inserting, and deleting sheets.mp411.27 MiB
02. Getting Started with Excel/02_07-Using navigation tools.mp410.17 MiB
03. Entering Data/03_06-Using Save or Save As.mp410.11 MiB
05. Formatting/05_01-Exploring font styles and effects.mp410.04 MiB
03. Entering Data/03_03-Working with dates and times.mp49.91 MiB
03. Entering Data/03_04-Using Undo and Redo.mp49.75 MiB
03. Entering Data/03_02-Entering data with AutoFill.mp49.71 MiB
04. Creating Formulas and Functions/04_03-Calculating yeartodate totals.mp49.23 MiB
13. Data Management Features/13_06-Removing duplicate records.mp49.18 MiB
04. Creating Formulas and Functions/04_02-Copying a formula into adjacent cells.mp49.16 MiB
02. Getting Started with Excel/02_09-Creating new workbooks.mp48.71 MiB
02. Getting Started with Excel/02_01-What is Excel used for.mp48.55 MiB
05. Formatting/05_04-Designing borders.mp48.47 MiB
03. Entering Data/03_01-Exploring data entry and editing techniques.mp48.18 MiB
12. Security and Sharing/12_03-Assigning passwords to workbooks.mp47.73 MiB
03. Entering Data/03_05-Adding comments.mp45.64 MiB
01. Introduction/01_01-Welcome.mp44.72 MiB
02. Getting Started with Excel/02_05-Using the Formula bar.mp43.87 MiB
17. Conclusion/17_01-Goodbye.mp42 MiB
01. Introduction/01_02-Using the exercise files.mp41.52 MiB