Lynda - Photoshop CC 2018 Essential Training The Basics

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Lynda - Photoshop CC 2018 Essential Training The Basics.torrent:
00 Introduction/0001 Welcome.mp47.45 MiB
00 Introduction/0002 What you should know.mp4661.78 KiB
00 Introduction/0003 Using the exercise files.mp4558.49 KiB
01 Opening Files/0103 Opening files from Lightroom.mp412.05 MiB
01 Opening Files/0101 Opening documents in Photoshop.mp49.55 MiB
01 Opening Files/0102 Opening files into Photoshop from Bridge.mp47.53 MiB
01 Opening Files/0104 Starting with Adobe Camera Raw.mp46.8 MiB
02 Documents and Navigation/0203 Panning and zooming documents.mp437 MiB
02 Documents and Navigation/0201 A tour of the Photoshop interface.mp419.91 MiB
02 Documents and Navigation/0202 Working with multiple documents.mp415.3 MiB
02 Documents and Navigation/0204 Viewing with different screen modes.mp413.73 MiB
03 Customizing the Photoshop Interface/0303 Customizing the toolbar.mp422.9 MiB
03 Customizing the Photoshop Interface/0302 Switching and saving workspaces.mp422 MiB
03 Customizing the Photoshop Interface/0301 Arranging the panels you use most often.mp417.47 MiB
03 Customizing the Photoshop Interface/0304 Modifying keyboard shortcuts for speed.mp412.88 MiB
04 Digital Image Essentials/0406 Multiple Undo and the History panel.mp421.64 MiB
04 Digital Image Essentials/0402 Choosing color modes and bit depth.mp417.41 MiB
04 Digital Image Essentials/0405 Changing document size.mp416.74 MiB
04 Digital Image Essentials/0404 Understanding what document size you need.mp414.69 MiB
04 Digital Image Essentials/0407 Saving documents.mp414.49 MiB
04 Digital Image Essentials/0401 Understanding file formats.mp49.04 MiB
04 Digital Image Essentials/0403 Understanding color space.mp47.59 MiB
05 Cropping, Straightening, and Adjusting Canvas Size/0501 Using the Crop tool.mp419.85 MiB
05 Cropping, Straightening, and Adjusting Canvas Size/0504 Increasing canvas size.mp417.06 MiB
05 Cropping, Straightening, and Adjusting Canvas Size/0503 Cropping to the perfect size.mp413.36 MiB
05 Cropping, Straightening, and Adjusting Canvas Size/0502 Straightening a crooked image.mp411.21 MiB
05 Cropping, Straightening, and Adjusting Canvas Size/0505 Auto fill with Content-Aware Crop.mp47.03 MiB
06 Layers/0601 Exploring layer basics.mp421.56 MiB
06 Layers/0603 Working with layer groups.mp417.29 MiB
06 Layers/0602 Loading, selecting, transforming, and aligning.mp416.72 MiB
06 Layers/0604 Merging and flattening layers.mp412.53 MiB
07 Color and Brush Essentials/0702 Brush options.mp420.19 MiB
07 Color and Brush Essentials/0701 Color basics.mp45.52 MiB
08 Working with Layer Masks/0801 Layer mask essentials.mp427.29 MiB
08 Working with Layer Masks/0802 Using gradients to blend images.mp48.05 MiB
09 Making Selections/0902 Combining selections.mp424.5 MiB
09 Making Selections/0903 Quick Select and layer mask touch-ups.mp423.74 MiB
09 Making Selections/0901 Using the Marquee and Lasso tools.mp418.84 MiB
09 Making Selections/0904 Selecting soft edge objects using Select and Mask.mp418.3 MiB
09 Making Selections/0906 Making selections based on color and focus.mp411.35 MiB
09 Making Selections/0905 Using Select and Mask to refine a hard edge selection.mp48.86 MiB
10 Local Pixel Editing and Retouching/1002 The magic of Content-Aware fill, move, and scale.mp422.76 MiB
10 Local Pixel Editing and Retouching/1001 Removing distracting elements with the Healing Brush and Patch tools.mp422.07 MiB
10 Local Pixel Editing and Retouching/1003 Using the Clone Stamp tool.mp416.69 MiB
10 Local Pixel Editing and Retouching/1004 Removing larger elements from an image.mp49.29 MiB
11 Blend Mode Essentials/1101 Getting to know the blend modes.mp416.04 MiB
12 Smart Object Essentials/1201 Smart Object basics.mp419.1 MiB
12 Smart Object Essentials/1202 Opening raw images as Smart Objects.mp412.68 MiB
13 Essential Transformations/1301 Scaling, skewing, and rotating layers with Free Transform.mp431.81 MiB
13 Essential Transformations/1302 Correcting perspective.mp414 MiB
14 Adjustment Layer Essentials/1404 Adjusting local color and contrast with Curves.mp426.65 MiB
14 Adjustment Layer Essentials/1405 Changing vibrance, hue, and saturation.mp426.45 MiB
14 Adjustment Layer Essentials/1403 Refining dynamic range using Levels.mp421.57 MiB
14 Adjustment Layer Essentials/1401 Introducing adjustment layers.mp418.23 MiB
14 Adjustment Layer Essentials/1402 Understanding the Histogram.mp414.64 MiB
14 Adjustment Layer Essentials/1406 Custom black and white conversions.mp410.63 MiB
14 Adjustment Layer Essentials/1407 Limiting adjustments with clipping masks.mp48.61 MiB
15 Essential Filters/1503 Sharpening images.mp434.79 MiB
15 Essential Filters/1504 Applying Camera Raw as a filter.mp413.46 MiB
15 Essential Filters/1502 Applying filters non destructively with Smart Filters.mp49.83 MiB
15 Essential Filters/1505 Applying filters to multiple layers.mp48.66 MiB
15 Essential Filters/1501 Overview of filters.mp43.65 MiB
16 Conclusion/1601 Next steps.mp42.68 MiB
Exercise Files/Ex_Files_PSCC_2018_EssT.zip650.61 MiB