Lynda - Social Media Marketing with Facebook and Twitter with Br

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Lynda - Social Media Marketing with Facebook and Twitter with Br.torrent:
007 Creating a brand presence.mp414.58 MiB
006 The big picture of Twitter.mp413.52 MiB
028 Increasing your fan count.mp413.35 MiB
010 Developing communication guidelines.mp411.3 MiB
013 Using retweets.mp410.9 MiB
019 Tools for Twitter.mp410.15 MiB
014 Understanding hashtags.mp49.96 MiB
018 Finding relevant topics and conversations.mp49.65 MiB
029 Adding page tabs and apps.mp48.77 MiB
027 Rich media in posts.mp48.55 MiB
015 Rich media in tweets.mp48.16 MiB
022 Creating a brand presence.mp47.93 MiB
001 Welcome.mp47.38 MiB
020 Customer service considerations.mp47.38 MiB
023 Exploring the interface.mp47.1 MiB
016 Attracting followers.mp46.98 MiB
008 Exploring the interface.mp46.87 MiB
026 Evaluating post frequency.mp46.35 MiB
004 Comparing Facebook and Twitter.mp46.31 MiB
002 What is social media marketing.mp45.86 MiB
030 Engaging with your fans.mp45.69 MiB
021 The controversy of buying followers.mp45.58 MiB
032 Reviewing Twitter analytics.mp45.18 MiB
011 Writing high-quality tweets.mp45.15 MiB
005 Before you start marketing.mp45.15 MiB
017 Choosing who to follow.mp45.12 MiB
031 Reviewing Facebook analytics.mp45.01 MiB
025 Writing high-quality posts.mp44.85 MiB
003 Understanding the value of social media marketing.mp44.81 MiB
024 Defining your objective.mp44.06 MiB
009 Defining your objective.mp43.85 MiB
012 Evaluating tweet frequency.mp43.82 MiB
033 Next steps.mp43.5 MiB