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01. Introduction/01_01-Welcome.mp47 MiB
01. Introduction/01_03-How to send feedback.mp44.08 MiB
01. Introduction/01_02-How to use exercise files.mp41.29 MiB
02. Getting Started/02_07-Setting up your Illustrator preferences.mp429.14 MiB
02. Getting Started/02_03-Touring the Illustrator interface.mp423.46 MiB
02. Getting Started/02_05-Creating new documents.mp415.11 MiB
02. Getting Started/02_04-Exploring the Illustrators Tools panel.mp411.96 MiB
02. Getting Started/02_01-What is Adobe Illustrator.mp49.11 MiB
02. Getting Started/02_06-Modifying and saving your documents.mp47.5 MiB
02. Getting Started/02_02-Installing Illustrator via Creative Cloud.mp42.87 MiB
03. Navigating Your Documents/03_01-Navigating a single document.mp422.06 MiB
03. Navigating Your Documents/03_03-Working with Illustrators panels.mp415.23 MiB
03. Navigating Your Documents/03_08-Locking and hiding artwork.mp410.46 MiB
03. Navigating Your Documents/03_07-Creating and using custom guides.mp410.37 MiB
03. Navigating Your Documents/03_06-Creating and using custom views.mp410.28 MiB
03. Navigating Your Documents/03_02-Navigating multiple documents.mp49.57 MiB
03. Navigating Your Documents/03_05-Understanding screen modes.mp49.05 MiB
03. Navigating Your Documents/03_04-Building and saving your own workspace.mp47.82 MiB
04. Working with Artboards/04_02-Exploring the Artboards panel.mp410.9 MiB
04. Working with Artboards/04_03-Adding artboards on the fly.mp49.77 MiB
04. Working with Artboards/04_04-Manipulating artboards with the Artboard tool.mp47.36 MiB
04. Working with Artboards/04_05-Exporting your artboards as files.mp46.99 MiB
04. Working with Artboards/04_01-Creating multiartboard documents.mp44.39 MiB
05. Working with Layers/05_05-Hiding, locking, and deleting layers.mp413.92 MiB
05. Working with Layers/05_02-Creating and editing layers.mp413.13 MiB
05. Working with Layers/05_04-Working with sublayers.mp411.76 MiB
05. Working with Layers/05_06-Tips for organizing your artwork using layers.mp410.33 MiB
05. Working with Layers/05_01-Exploring the Layers panel.mp47.55 MiB
05. Working with Layers/05_03-Targeting objects inside the Layers panel.mp45.39 MiB
06. Drawing Basic Shapes/06_05-Drawing polygons and stars.mp422.02 MiB
06. Drawing Basic Shapes/06_06-Using the Pencil tool for freehand drawing.mp418.06 MiB
06. Drawing Basic Shapes/06_04-Drawing rectangles and ellipses.mp415.9 MiB
06. Drawing Basic Shapes/06_08-Exploring Illustrators drawing modes.mp413.36 MiB
06. Drawing Basic Shapes/06_02-Drawing basic lines and curves.mp410.69 MiB
06. Drawing Basic Shapes/06_07-Modifying existing shapes and paths.mp48.44 MiB
06. Drawing Basic Shapes/06_01-Understanding vector paths.mp47.87 MiB
06. Drawing Basic Shapes/06_03-Drawing spirals.mp47.45 MiB
07. Transforming Objects/07_09-Reflecting objects.mp414.69 MiB
07. Transforming Objects/07_01-Using the Direct Selection tool.mp414.16 MiB
07. Transforming Objects/07_03-Using isolation mode to edit grouped artwork.mp411.65 MiB
07. Transforming Objects/07_06-Rotating objects.mp411.57 MiB
07. Transforming Objects/07_08-Using the Transform Each command.mp411.27 MiB
07. Transforming Objects/07_02-Grouping objects together.mp49.9 MiB
07. Transforming Objects/07_04-Moving and duplicating objects.mp49.63 MiB
07. Transforming Objects/07_07-Distorting and transforming objects.mp49.24 MiB
07. Transforming Objects/07_05-Scaling objects.mp48.64 MiB
08. Working with Fills and Strokes/08_02-Creating and using gradient fills.mp424.71 MiB
08. Working with Fills and Strokes/08_06-Creating variablewidth strokes.mp423 MiB
08. Working with Fills and Strokes/08_01-Adding color fills to your objects.mp415.56 MiB
08. Working with Fills and Strokes/08_03-Adding strokes to your objects.mp414.78 MiB
08. Working with Fills and Strokes/08_04-Adding endpoints and dashed lines to your strokes.mp414.42 MiB
08. Working with Fills and Strokes/08_05-Adding gradient strokes to your objects.mp413.41 MiB
09. Working with Color/09_03-Understanding process vs. global swatches.mp412.83 MiB
09. Working with Color/09_02-Adjusting Illustrators color settings.mp49.37 MiB
09. Working with Color/09_05-Working with color groups.mp48.19 MiB
09. Working with Color/09_06-Importing Adobe Color themes.mp47.81 MiB
09. Working with Color/09_04-Creating and using spot colors.mp45.61 MiB
09. Working with Color/09_01-Understanding CMYK vs. RGB color.mp43.43 MiB
09. Working with Color/09_07-Loading ASE files into Illustrator.mp42.33 MiB
10. Using the Appearance Panel/10_04-Working with live effects.mp411.08 MiB
10. Using the Appearance Panel/10_03-Applying multiple fills and strokes.mp47.65 MiB
10. Using the Appearance Panel/10_01-Exploring the Appearance panel.mp46.66 MiB
10. Using the Appearance Panel/10_05-Saving appearances as graphic styles.mp45.89 MiB
10. Using the Appearance Panel/10_02-Attribute stacking order explained.mp45.09 MiB
11. Creating Complex Shapes/11_03-Using the Illustrator Brush tools.mp415.71 MiB
11. Creating Complex Shapes/11_05-Creating artwork with the Shape Builder tool.mp415.26 MiB
11. Creating Complex Shapes/11_02-Working with the Pathfinder panel.mp410.7 MiB
11. Creating Complex Shapes/11_04-Using the Eraser tool.mp46.47 MiB
11. Creating Complex Shapes/11_01-Creating compound paths and shapes.mp44.64 MiB
12. Working with the Pen Tool/12_06-Tracing exercise.mp424.3 MiB
12. Working with the Pen Tool/12_02-Drawing curves with the Pen tool.mp412.5 MiB
12. Working with the Pen Tool/12_01-Pen tool basics.mp411.12 MiB
12. Working with the Pen Tool/12_05-Avoiding the whips with the Pen tool.mp410.15 MiB
12. Working with the Pen Tool/12_03-Drawing complete shapes with the Pen tool.mp49.57 MiB
12. Working with the Pen Tool/12_04-Enabling and disabling the rubberband preview.mp45.7 MiB
13. Working with Type/13_07-Adding Typekit desktop fonts to Illustrator.mp418.35 MiB
13. Working with Type/13_03-Exploring the type panels.mp415.01 MiB
13. Working with Type/13_01-Creating point and area type objects.mp410.4 MiB
13. Working with Type/13_02-Making basic edits with the Control panel.mp49.73 MiB
13. Working with Type/13_05-Setting type onto a path.mp49.69 MiB
13. Working with Type/13_04-Flowing text around objects.mp47.27 MiB
13. Working with Type/13_06-Learning essential type shortcuts.mp46.1 MiB
13. Working with Type/13_08-Converting text into paths.mp44.71 MiB
14. Using Raster Graphics in Illustrator/14_05-Using the Image Trace panel.mp421.09 MiB
14. Using Raster Graphics in Illustrator/14_02-Working with the Links panel.mp410.87 MiB
14. Using Raster Graphics in Illustrator/14_06-Converting pixels into paths.mp49.61 MiB
14. Using Raster Graphics in Illustrator/14_01-Placing linked images into Illustrator.mp46.37 MiB
14. Using Raster Graphics in Illustrator/14_03-Embedding images into your Illustrator documents.mp46.16 MiB
14. Using Raster Graphics in Illustrator/14_04-Using clipping masks.mp46.14 MiB
15. Printing and Exporting Artwork/15_04-Saving files for the web.mp410.28 MiB
15. Printing and Exporting Artwork/15_01-Printing your artwork.mp49.25 MiB
15. Printing and Exporting Artwork/15_06-Placing linked Illustrator files into Photoshop.mp48.56 MiB
15. Printing and Exporting Artwork/15_07-Placing linked Illustrator files into InDesign.mp46.32 MiB
15. Printing and Exporting Artwork/15_03-Packaging files for print production.mp46.08 MiB
15. Printing and Exporting Artwork/15_02-Saving files for print using PDF.mp45.69 MiB
15. Printing and Exporting Artwork/15_05-Saving in legacy formats.mp44.26 MiB
16. Conclusion/16_01-Next steps.mp44.27 MiB
Exercise Files/Chapter 01/beach_party.ai15.48 MiB
Exercise Files/Chapter 01/tools.ai1.73 MiB
Exercise Files/Chapter 02/biz_cards.ai1.78 MiB
Exercise Files/Chapter 02/donut.ai463.16 KiB
Exercise Files/Chapter 02/hotrod_poster.ai349.97 KiB
Exercise Files/Chapter 03/market_posters.ai1.63 MiB
Exercise Files/Chapter 03/farmers_market.ai1.58 MiB
Exercise Files/Chapter 04/sublayers.ai1.61 MiB
Exercise Files/Chapter 04/bulldog_layers.ai1.61 MiB
Exercise Files/Chapter 04/happy_bulldog.ai1.61 MiB
Exercise Files/Chapter 04/coffee_website.ai1.42 MiB
Exercise Files/Chapter 04/app_mockup.ai886.13 KiB
Exercise Files/Chapter 05/paths.ai1.57 MiB
Exercise Files/Chapter 05/drawing_modes.ai1.54 MiB
Exercise Files/Chapter 05/poly_stars.ai367.42 KiB
Exercise Files/Chapter 06/duplicate.ai1.56 MiB
Exercise Files/Chapter 06/direct_select.ai1.54 MiB
Exercise Files/Chapter 06/clock.ai359.06 KiB
Exercise Files/Chapter 06/isolate.ai358.4 KiB
Exercise Files/Chapter 06/transform.ai343.83 KiB
Exercise Files/Chapter 06/groups.ai321.4 KiB
Exercise Files/Chapter 06/half_man.ai267.33 KiB
Exercise Files/Chapter 07/gradients.ai1.79 MiB
Exercise Files/Chapter 07/color_fills.ai1.58 MiB
Exercise Files/Chapter 07/variable_width.ai1.55 MiB
Exercise Files/Chapter 07/arrow_dots.ai1.52 MiB
Exercise Files/Chapter 07/strokes.ai1.17 MiB
Exercise Files/Chapter 07/gradient_strokes.ai362.86 KiB
Exercise Files/Chapter 08/coffee_color.ai1.59 MiB
Exercise Files/Chapter 08/spot_colors.ai1.58 MiB
Exercise Files/Chapter 08/process_vs_global.ai404.72 KiB
Exercise Files/Chapter 08/Coffee Shop.ase190 B
Exercise Files/Chapter 09/appearance_panel.ai3.28 MiB
Exercise Files/Chapter 09/attributes.ai1.56 MiB
Exercise Files/Chapter 09/graphic_styles.ai540.89 KiB
Exercise Files/Chapter 09/live_effects.ai440.79 KiB
Exercise Files/Chapter 09/home_run.ai374.86 KiB
Exercise Files/Chapter 10/shape_builder.ai1.54 MiB
Exercise Files/Chapter 10/pathfinder.ai398.68 KiB
Exercise Files/Chapter 10/hipster_haircut.ai366.52 KiB
Exercise Files/Chapter 10/compound_paths.ai349.14 KiB
Exercise Files/Chapter 11/flower_trace.ai106.13 KiB
Exercise Files/Chapter 12/create_outlines.ai1.7 MiB
Exercise Files/Chapter 12/text_wrap.ai366.67 KiB
Exercise Files/Chapter 12/type_on_path.ai310.17 KiB
Exercise Files/Chapter 12/typekit.ai310.14 KiB
Exercise Files/Chapter 12/type_panels.ai308.1 KiB
Exercise Files/Chapter 12/basic_edits.ai297.03 KiB
Exercise Files/Chapter 12/magician.ai288.72 KiB
Exercise Files/Chapter 13/pixels_2_paths.ai7.41 MiB
Exercise Files/Chapter 13/fashionista.psd2.46 MiB
Exercise Files/Chapter 13/links.ai1.01 MiB
Exercise Files/Chapter 13/profile.ai204.08 KiB
Exercise Files/Chapter 13/alyssa.jpg77.03 KiB
Exercise Files/Chapter 14/print_save.ai1.71 MiB