Sapiens - Yuval Noah Harari - Audiobook - Unabridged mp3

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Sapiens - Yuval Noah Harari - Audiobook - Unabridged mp3.torrent:
14 Part Four_ The Scientific Revolution.mp362.08 MiB
02 The Tree of Knowledge.mp342.03 MiB
03 A Day in the Life of Adam and Eve.mp347.23 MiB
04 The Flood.mp326.59 MiB
05 Part Two_ The Agricultural Revolution.mp339.82 MiB
06 Building Pyramids.mp345.19 MiB
07 Memory Overload.mp324.43 MiB
08 There is No Justice in History.mp353.75 MiB
09 Part Three_ The Unification of Humankind.mp320.78 MiB
10 The Scent of Money.mp331.81 MiB
11 Imperial Visions.mp339.69 MiB
12 The Law of Religion.mp358.18 MiB
13 The Secret of Success.mp317.5 MiB
01 Part One_ The Cognitive Revolution.mp334.77 MiB
15 The Marriage of Science and Empire.mp361.92 MiB
16 The Capitalist Creed.mp361.03 MiB
17 The Wheels of Industry.mp332.3 MiB
18 A Permanent Revolution.mp354.52 MiB
19 And They Lived Happily Ever After.mp346.27 MiB
20 The End of Homo Sapiens.mp338.35 MiB
21 Afterword_ The Animal that Became a God.mp32.79 MiB
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