The Philosophers Toolkit: How to Be the Most Rational Person in

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The Philosophers Toolkit: How to Be the Most Rational Person in.torrent:
17 Putting a Spin on Statistics.mp328.97 MiB
21 Put It to the Test—Beautiful Experiments.mp328.78 MiB
01 How We Think and How to Think Better.mp328.77 MiB
07 Ironclad, Airtight Validity.mp328.58 MiB
10 Simple Heuristics That Make Us Smart.mp328.02 MiB
19 Decisions, Decisions.mp327.87 MiB
04 Visualizing Concepts and Propositions.mp327.75 MiB
03 The Strategy of Visualization.mp327.71 MiB
16 Outwitting the Advertiser.mp327.7 MiB
09 The Flow of Argument.mp327.66 MiB
02 Cool Rationality and Hot Thought.mp327.64 MiB
12 Rational Discussion in a Polarized Context.mp327.6 MiB
22 Game Theory and Beyond.mp327.56 MiB
24 Lessons from the Great Thinkers.mp327.4 MiB
23 Thinking with Models.mp327.35 MiB
13 Rhetoric versus Rationality.mp327.29 MiB
20 Thinking Scientifically.mp327.25 MiB
06 Thinking like Aristotle.mp327.08 MiB
05 The Power of Thought Experiments.mp326.84 MiB
18 Poker, Probability, and Everyday Life.mp326.66 MiB
15 The Great Debate.mp326.5 MiB
11 Why We Make Misteaks.mp326.31 MiB
08 Thinking outside the Box.mp326.23 MiB
14 Bogus Arguments and How to Defuse Them.mp325.73 MiB
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