Udemy - Make $2K First Month Using With $0.01 Ads

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Udemy - Make $2K First Month Using With $0.01 Ads.torrent:
02 Facebook Features/001 Facebook Difference Between Business Page Personal Page.mp440.81 MiB
03 Facebook Ad Techniques/001 Facebook Power Editor.mp424.11 MiB
01 Facebook Guidelines/001 Facebook Guidelines.mp420.61 MiB
06 Facebook Ads 0.01 Best Practices/001 How To Target Audiences For 0.01 Clicks On Facebook.mp419.19 MiB
03 Facebook Ad Techniques/002 How to Create Facebook Ad Campaign.mp417.27 MiB
04 Facebook Advertising Secrets/002 How The Bidding Process Works For Facebook Advertisements.mp411.85 MiB
06 Facebook Ads 0.01 Best Practices/002 Methods For Getting 0.01 Facebook Clicks.mp411.59 MiB
02 Facebook Features/002 Difference Between Facebook Likes Follows.mp411.53 MiB
02 Facebook Features/003 Using a Custom Targeted Audience.mp411.43 MiB
05 Facebook Groups/001 Facebook Groups Features.mp410.58 MiB
04 Facebook Advertising Secrets/001 Methods for Increasing Facebook Page Likes Engagement.mp48.22 MiB
06 Facebook Ads 0.01 Best Practices/003 Understanding How To Read Numbers inside FB Campaign Dashboard.mp46.75 MiB
05 Facebook Groups/002 Private Post.mp44.18 MiB